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welcome to crypto eye heads! Crypto Eye Heads is a generative pfp collection of over 1600+ nfts now minting on the ravencoin blockchain! We consider ourselves to be a great beginners nft collection not only because of our low floor price(100rvn ~ 2.00$usd) but also due to our great community. Our community is growing everyday and is very welcoming to newcomers. We also offer a rising floor model and rarity charts which is good for experienced traders as well looking to collect and trade nfts :)

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Crypto Eye Head #0072

mdo Owned by Piffinpurp
list 2022-06-21 19:47:28
account_balance 3%
visibility 240x240
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trending_up 100.00 RVN
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Light skin eye head with rick hair and rick beard, \'merica headband, red eye strained, red shirt, strength amulet, and teal green background! Straight face! (mouth trait)

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100 RVN cryptoeyehead Piffinpurp 2022-06-22 01:17:49

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