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Photo collection of various formats. Majority 35mm scanned to digital & processed to achieve unique surreal images. Full Digital images coming soon. Auction winners will receive 8x10 prints of their purchased NFT & all holders will be eligible for twitter giveaways by sharing their NFTs in draw tweets. Post Series 1, Lighthouse holders (that is any image with a Lighthouse) will be eligible for 8x10 print draws of an auction NFT or any NFT they hold. Watch Twitter for timely updates & details.

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NYC - Fatal Frames #38

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The Maiden of Times Square, NYC Stock: Lomography 35mm Color Negative Purple Tone Camera: Canon AE-1 Lens: Canon FD 28-55mm Fatal Frames New York City NFT collection is a photography series shot with 35mm purple toned film on a vintage Canon SLR. Post editing of digitized film frames is used to create a unique pop art style of diverse cityscapes & art installations. The overall concept of this collection explores the marriage between modern & classic architecture while capturing & creating images with a similar duality of film converted to digital.

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