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Ravenfriends is a limited NFT collection built on the Ravencoin blockchain network. We started this project to create something that everyone loves and a way to support the chain that we rely on, Ravencoin. The collection entails multiple furry critters without set release timelines. Each critter subset is capped at 500 unique assets. Each critter is released at 300 $RVN - forever with the exceptions of occasional auctions. Our core mission is to support the community & ecosystem as a whole.

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Raven Friends: Royal Bear #1033

mdo Owned by Inx
list 2022-06-04 03:24:22
account_balance 0%
visibility 2500x2500
save 1.15 MB
trending_up 290.00 RVN
privacy_tip Details

people Trading History
Price From To Date
290 RVN RavenFriends Inx 2022-06-07 23:19:24

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